Residential PV


SoL Energy manages all aspects of a turn-key residential PV project.

Utility bill analysis
Upon review of your utility bills, we can determine your options for a PV system size to replace your utility usage with clean solar power.

Site analysis
We will visit your site to determine how a PV system design is best integrated to your building and needs.

Technical design
SoL Energy will generate complete documentation for code compliance and permit application.

Our crew is fully certified and insured for installation services. We take great care with construction details and ‘best practices’ to ensure your system is durable and fully functional for the long term performance.

We can offer financing from a wide range of options.

Performance Monitoring
You will be able to follow your system’s performance so you can see it’s productivity in real-time.

If there is ever an issue that needs attention, performance monitoring will enable early detection.