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PV Industry Training


Background & Experience

Consulting and training services are built upon SoL Energy’s long-term real-world experience as a PV Integrator, provider of industry training, and consultant for International projects.

PV Integration

Sol Energy, LLC, founded in 1999, has a demonstrated track record of high quality photovoltaic installations. Our extensive project list includes a variety of building types and applications; from residential (2 – 10 kW) to larger PV systems for commercial buildings and municipalities (10 – 100 kW and larger).

As a PV Integrator, SoL Energy manages all aspects of a turn-key PV project:

  • Project development
  • Technical design
  • Financing
  • Procurement of equipment and materials
  • Installation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and Repair

PV Industry Training

Ken Olson, President & CEO of SoL Energy, was Co-Founder of Solar Energy International (SEI) in 1991 and served as it’s Executive Director for its first 10 years. SEI provided technical, hands-on training to many hundreds of individual — many of whom hold prominent positions in the solar industry today.

Training Programs were developed for those seeking employment and professional advancement in the PV industry. A vocational training program was developed over a 10 year period (1981 – 1991) at the Colorado Mountain College (CMC). As a vocationally certified Industrial Trainer and Professor at CMC, Ken Olson and his colleagues, Steve McCarney and Johnny Weiss, developed and taught a one-year vocational certificate training program in solar energy.

A photovoltaic installation course was developed for the World Health Organization (WHO) in support of the Cold Chain program for the purpose of eradicating Polio with improved vaccine refrigeration. Refrigeration technicians employed by Ministries of Health learned to install, maintain, and repair solar powered vaccine refrigerators/freezers in un-electrified communities. The course was taught throughout Latin America, primarily in Spanish, over a ten year period.

International Projects

The SoL Energy team has extensive solar energy experience in Latin America. We are able to provide technical support and capacity-building via training programs for decision-makers and installers of photovoltaic systems.

We can also provide the technical and managerial expertise to facilitate technology transfer for rural electrification to provide PV independent power systems for schools, health clinics, homes, and rural cooperatives in need of lighting, communications, water pumping, vaccine refrigeration, and a wide range of productive uses.